Why Mexico?


Over the past couple of weeks I have received questions about why I chose to go to Mexico for cancer treatment when the United States has amazing medical technology. I will attempt to answer this question without writing a book.

I really had no idea how cancer was treated until I was diagnosed on July 8, 2016 and most people do not know either until they are faced with it. My intent is to not start a debate with what I am about to share or what Jane and I have learned and experienced over the past couple of years. I encourage you to do your own research if you choose.

If you live in this country and are diagnosed with cancer there is very little hope based on our experience. More people die from cancer each year than are cured. There is a major reason for this. The FDA and large pharmaceutical companies control how cancer is treated in this country. The typical approach is, identify the tumor, schedule surgery if needed, cut it out and then start chemotherapy or radiation. Period.

With this standard approach the doctors told me best case scenario I might live 3-5 years and that was on January 9, 2017. So between the surgery and chemotherapy my life would be a living hell for next 12-18 months. I could not accept that. So I began to seek an alternative approach to treating the cancer from a doctor in Mankato Minnesota. However, the doctor in Mankato was restricted on what he could or could not do based on what was legal in this country.

The name of the hospital Jane and I went to in Tijuana Mexico is Oasis of Hope and they have been successfully treating cancer for over 55 years. Their approach is plant based therapy such as Vitamin C, B12, B17 (laetrile), along with Hypothermia and Ozone treatments. B17 or laetrile occurs naturally in the seeds of apricots, peaches and almonds which you cannot patent because it comes from plants.

By the way, in 1980 the FDA banned B17 or Laetrile in this country because it can cause nausea, headaches, insomnia, and nervousness. Have you seen the side effects of chemotherapy? A recent study shows that half of cancer patients are killed by chemotherapy and not the cancer. http://healthcureusa.com/2018/09/18/shocking-new-study-shows-half-of-cancer-patients-are-killed-by-chemotherapy-not-cancer/

The cancer drug industry generates more than $140 billion in revenue each year. Since pharmaceutical companies cannot patent plants, they are not going to jeopardize their billion dollar industry they have created.

Jane and I saw with our own eyes numerous miracles and healings with Oasis of Hope’s alternative approach to treating cancer. Yes, there is hope and the doctors give all the credit to God for any healing that takes place.

Jane and I went back on December 2, 2018 to begin Phase II of the treatment process. These treatments are not covered by Medicare or supplemental insurance. It’s very expensive and that is why we are asking for your help. If you haven’t donated and are able to you can go to the link below. Any donation would be greatly appreciated.


Please keep the comments and prayers coming. We love them. Jane and I read them every day. Your words are so encouraging.

This is why Jane and I chose to go to Mexico.

Stay tuned! More to come. 

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