Monday, January 9th, 2017 - Time to meet with the Liver Specialist. I’ve got a better idea, let’s not.


We arrived at Virgina Piper Cancer Institute at Abbott Northwestern Hospital in Minneapolis, Minnesota early that morning to have an MRI and then consult with the liver specialist that was recommended by the oncologist.

I think it was the shortest meeting I have ever had with a doctor. He was short and to the point. Very matter of fact with no human element or compassion for the situation.

He basically said, “The MRI shows there are two spots. We need to schedule surgery and cut It out and then follow up by several months of chemo or radiation. He told me the average survival rate for this type of cancer is three to five years and then you die. His delivery was so COLD. No compassion. Nothing.

When I shared with him how I wanted to proceed with the surgery first and then talk about potentially doing chemo or the next steps after surgery, he did not hear one word I said. He told my wife and I there was nothing to talk about and this is what we are going to do.

I was really turned off by this doctor. Don’t get me wrong, he was nice, but, I have never been treated more in-humane in my life. However, I was brought up and mentally programmed to believe that “doctors are in charge, they know best.” Also, don’t misunderstand me. I have had great experiences in the past with doctors. I have nothing against the medical profession.

At this point I felt like a heifer about to be slaughtered and was getting sucked into a system that I wasn't so sure about. So what was the most sensible thing I could do? As crazy as it sounds, we went ahead and scheduled the surgery for January 27, 2017 and left. What else was I going to do? I didn't have any other options or so I thought. It was a really scary time. I was being directed down a certain path. This was way off  my grid.

One week later a friend of mine asked me, “Have you heard about a series called, Truth About Cancer?” Jane and I went on a search and found a 10 part video series and began to watch. What an eye opener. Now I started having some serious questions about the path I was being led down. Did I really want to suffer through another surgery and then followed up with “chemo hell?”

Is this the quality of life that I wanted and then die? What I also learned along the way is many die from the side effects of chemo. Nope, not me! Quality of life was always the most important thing to me.

During this time prior to the surgery that was scheduled for January 27, 2017, both my sister Deanna Miller and my daughter Sarah Kawell urged me NOT to have the surgery. Both said they were getting a word from the Lord to go a different path. At first I seriously resisted what my sister was saying and told her no and that I was going ahead with the surgery. Two days after the conversation with my sister, my daughter called and basically said the same thing. What’s interesting, is neither had talked to each other. I was stunned.

When you are walking with the Lord and listening to what He has to say, sometimes things don’t make sense or sound crazy. And nothing made sense to me, except I was trusting in Him. God told Abraham to pack up his family and go. Abraham inquired, “Where am I going?” God just said go and I will show you.

So we all began a search for an alternative approach to treating cancer. We found a doctor at Between the Bridges Healing Center in Mankato, Minnesota that was highly recommended for treating patients with cancer.

One week prior to the surgery, I called Abbott Northwestern and cancelled the surgery. Talk about going against the grain. It was a very difficult decision. The nurse that I spoke to voiced her opinion and basically said I was making a huge mistake and it was not a wise decision. I thanked her for her time. Expressed my opinion. The conversation was pleasant and I said goodbye. Once made a decision we had total peace about about the direction we were headed. The peace the only comes from God!

Jane and I headed for Mankato and met with the doctor on January 27, 2017 the day I was scheduled to have surgery and started an alternative approach to treating the cancer. By the way, not once have I ever said, “I have cancer.” Because I don’t. I am not naive or in denial. It’s not my cancer. Yes, from a worldly perspective there was cancer in my body, but it was not mine. It was from the pit of hell!

For the first 21 days I drove to Mankato which was 90 minutes each way from where we were living. Each treatment lasted a couple of hours which consisted of an IV of vitamin C, nutrients and other cancer fighting agents. I began to change my diet significantly and got rid of a lot of fats and sugar. And so this new path began and all was well. I was feeling amazing until the morning of March 22, 2017 and then everything changed again.

Stay tuned!