When was the last time you purposely untethered from everything and just floated?

Seriously people! I'll bet it's been a very long time. I say that because (no judgement) before I was forced to slow down, I was on the treadmill of life. I was running as fast as I wanted to run. Guess what? Life will let you do that. 

We are all busy doing something. And that is not necessarily a bad thing. Again, no judgement. It all comes down to daily, weekly and monthly choices. I believe the choices we make come down to what we place the most value on at that moment in time.

I also think we are afraid to slow down and just be for a few minutes. What would I do? What would I think about? I don't know if I could stand being alone for 30 minutes with no distractions or something else to fill the void.

Just a thought for today.